Tough Luck online

Tough Luck online
  • Genre:
  • Qualität:
    DVDRip/BDRip Dolby Digital/DVDRip
  • Schauspieler:
    Norman Reedus, Marco St. John, Rick Negron, David A. Flood, George McArthur, Fahnohlee Harris, Marcus Lyle Brown, Dagmara Dominczyk, Charles Grant, Armand Assante, Ted Manson, F.X. Vitolo, John McConnell, Jack Radosta, Patricia Cheron, Cal Johnson, Russel
  • Regie:
    Todd King, Bill Boatman
A tense and intricate web of deceit and betrayal entangles Archie, a wandering grifter who is hired by a traveling carnival owner to murder his beautiful wife, Divana, only to be seduced into acting as her accomplice. He tries to fake the murder and collect his payment, but is double-crossed and framed for the crime. On the run, and believing Divana dead, he chances upon her in New Orleans where he discovers the fake murder was just a diversion for her and the carney owner to steal a quarter of a million dollars in laundered casino money. In a seductive play for trust fueled by passion, Divana convinces Archie to take part in a new plot to steal the casino money and start a new life...
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