Infidus online

Infidus online
  • Genre:
  • Dauer:
    80 Minuten
  • Qualität:
    Screener Dolby Digital/DVDRip
  • Schauspieler:
    Bonini Mino, Massimo Caratelli, Maurizio Zaffino, Stefania Bonini, Andrea Di Spirito, Walter Montano, Cristiano Mazzacane, Simone Paternosto, Adrian Baigus, Domenico Deltreppo, Manolo Di Rocco, Stefania Caratelli, Christian Riva, Domenico Vagnati, Roberta
  • Regie:
    Giulio De Santi, Tiziana Machella
In the suburbs of Rome, two disparate lives with only desire for vengeance and redemption in common find their destinies intertwined. Massimo's mind is plagued with images of his wife's violent death at the hands of a criminal gang involved in the production of snuff films. With every memory of the woman he loved replaced by unforgettable images of her horrific final moments, Massimo sees only one chance to take back his life: find the wealthy individual who commissioned the sickening murder - and make them pay. Barabba, a recently released convict, hopes to keep a promise he made to his father and start a new life with his brother, Spaccio, far from the violent world that they used to inhabit...
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